Training Resources

ADA Training Sessions

Hosted by the Urbana Park District

November – December 2023

GREEN Training

This training program is GREEN!  In an effort to save paper and energy, handouts will provided as a courtesy electronically through this web page.  No paper handouts will be distributed on site at the training program.  Session handouts can be downloaded to laptops and tablets in advance for electronic viewing and note taking.   Printing is at the discretion of the individual learner.  An alternate format (text outline in MS Word, .rtf or .txt) can be requested by contacting Skulski Consulting LLC.

Training Handouts*

The ADA, Program Access & Customer Service (PDF-6 slides per page)

The ADA & Effective Communication (PDF-6 slides per page)

Introduction to the Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment (PDF-6 slides per page)

Applying the Accessibility Standards to Parks (PDF-6 slides per page)

Access to Trails and Shared Use Paths (PDF-6 slides per page)

The ADA & Special Events (PDF-6 slides per page)

On-line Resources

The following resources are recommended to be bookmarked in your browser.

ADA Title II: State & Local Government

ADA Title III: Public Accommodations

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Guides: Recreation Facilities (see Chapter 10)

Public Rights of Way Accessibility Guidelines and Shared Use Paths

Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Standards (for Federal Agencies)

Guide: Outdoor Developed Areas

Section 504: Federally Conducted and Federally Assisted Programs
U.S. Department of Interior Regulations
See Part B and Part E

Principles of Universal Design (PDF)

People First Language

National Park Service – All In! Accessibility in the National Park Service, 2015–2020 Strategic Plan

National Park Service Harpers Ferry Center Accessibility Resources

Smithsonian Resources for Museum Professionals

*Handouts are the intellectual property of Skulski Consulting LLC.  They are provided for a limited time as a courtesy to support ongoing learning on the ADA, Section 504, the accessibility standards and inclusion of people with disabilities. Images are the intellectual property of Skulski Consulting or public domain. Permission is granted to the training participant to use the document as a learning aide for professional development. No form of the documents may be reproduced or used by other individuals, agencies, businesses, consultants, or competitors; reproduced for presentations, training, or marketing; or any other such activities, without the express written consent of Skulski Consulting LLC. Disclaimer: The sites or features represented in presentations are for educational purposes, in some instances, the examples may not meet the minimum accessibility standards and guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additional alternate formats available by contacting Skulski Consulting.