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2024 National ADA Symposium

June 10 - June 12

Playgrounds 2.0: Balancing Access Standards Without Falling into Hot Lava
Presented by Bill Botten and Jennifer Skulski

Can you believe the minimum playground guidelines turn 24 and enforceable standards for more than 12 years? Yet the accessibility standards for play areas are often overlooked or misinterpreted in new construction. Bill Botten and Jennifer Skulski have dedicated the better part of their careers to providing technical assistance on playground standards. This session will address some of the most complex questions, “the doozies,” they have received, the application of the accessibility standard and interplay with the ASTM standards for public play equipment, common sources of confusion when applying the accessibility standards to trendy new play components, and the eternal quest for accessible play surface systems.

Title II: The Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan
Presented by Jennifer Skulski

So what exactly IS the difference between an ADA Self Evaluation and a Transition Plan? This session is the launch pad for all Title II ADA Coordinators. Here we will cover the administrative requirements under Title II, the difference between an ADA Coordinator and a Designated Responsible Employee, the Notice to Public, engagement including people with disabilities, and the components of an effective self-evaluation and transition plan. We will also discuss some instances where it might be necessary to revisit a public entity’s self-evaluation and transition plan, along with best practices for the ADA Coordinator to implement an ADA Action Plan.