The ADA at 25: Creating Accessible Cities and Towns

Training participants

Representatives of counties, cities and towns throughout Indiana gathered at the Monon Center in Carmel on May 19 to recommit to the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   The training “The ADA at 25: Creating Accessible Cities and Towns” was presented by Skulski Consulting LLC.  The event was sponsored by ADA Indiana and ​the ​Indiana ​Governor’s ​Council ​for ​People ​with ​Disabilities, in partnership with the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation.

“Skulski Consulting presents ADA compliance information in a positive and realistic style for budget challenged municipalities.  Real world circumstances and solutions are presented that give attendees great examples to use in our communities.”
–Lori S. Buehlman, Newburgh Town Manager

The training drew ADA Coordinators, Planners, Human Rights Counsel, Building Inspectors, and Town Managers from South Bend to Columbus.  ADA Indiana Committee Members Ric Edwards (Indiana Department of Natural Resources) and Kim Paarlberg (International Code Council) served as the hosts for the event.  Jennifer Skulski provided instruction focusing on ADA compliance, Title II administrative requirements, the need to revisit ADA Self-Evaluations and Transitions Plans, community engagement and best practices of accessibility management.  Participants discussed issues such as emergency preparedness, auxiliary aids and trending complaints. ​ ​As a culmination of the event, participants were asked to Pledge ON! and sign the individual pledge to recommit to the work of implementing the ADA.​

“Municipalities, especially personnel with ADA coordinating responsibilities, need guidance on how to transfer the administrative requirements of Title II to the practice of establishing an Accessibility Management  Program.  Much like Risk Management with a central coordinator, everyone should be concerned with safety. The same holds true for ADA implementation and Accessibility Management where you have a central coordinator, accessibility is really everyone’s responsibility. There needs to be a team approach and ongoing training for everyone in the organization. Inclusion of people with disabilities is most successful in organizations where it is a shared value and a shared responsibility.  We hope the training was helpful and look forward to bringing these educational opportunities to more organizations.”
–Jennifer Skulski, Principal

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